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25th July : Luxemburg

5th August : Nuit Romanes / Pamproux (FR)






25th June 2011


Amesfoort, Holland


30th march 2011 : French Release of


TOUMAST – GUITARS AND KALASHNIKOVS retraces a part of recent history of the Tuaregs. Theirs is a fragmented history made of suffering, wandering, revolt and injustice - but also of travel, comfort and hope. A character guides us on these chance and complex trajectories: Moussa Ag Keyna.

17th jan 2011 : "AMACHAL": NEW ALBUM


In this second album, Moussa Ag Keyna and Aminatou Goumar, are reaffirming their Tuareg's identity, reaching more people in a larger scale. “Amachal”, that means “Message”, is modern and electric.

What Moussa would like to convey through his music is for you to discover his people, their habits, culture, the desert, their hopes and their despairs. Moussa sings for peace, their fight for freedom and diplomacy. The major goal is to win the right to exist in harmony on their own land. Listening to this music, you are sharing the moving experience of a Tuareg who invites you to walk our world together.


A nice French blog about TOUMAST, with many pics and vids :